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Good Morning, Miami

Stay far away. Really. I watched it the first week and it was one of the worst shows I've seen in a while. Imagine Sports Night, but with bad writing, bad plots, bad characters, bad everything. The girl was kind of cute though.


Everything you say here is true. It's Sports Night, minus everything that made Sports Night so fantastic. That said, I still watch it every week. Partly because the girl really is kind of cute, partly because the other girl is also kind of cute, and partly because I dig the idea of a weather nun. Come on, that's funny!

Actually, the weather nun was one of the reasons I vowed never to watch it again. I'm actually quite surprised it's still on the air. I should probably give it another shot though as writing tends to get better after the first 6-8 episodes. Even though it wasn't your intention, thanks for reminding me to give it another chance.

Oh, I'm not saying it's gotten better at all, just that it made me laugh a few times. It really is pretty bad, and if I miss it, I don't care, but I'll watch it when I can.

So what about the weather nun was so bad to you? I'm asking because I've read on other sites that people are terribly insulted by that character, and she always cracks me up. Is it a religion thing? Or was it just not funny to you? No offense intended, I'm just curious.

It's not a religion thing, as I'm jewish. I just think that she isn't very funny. It's like the show creators thought, "Man our show is not exciting so let's throw in the token crazy character." She is supposed to be the "Kramer" of this show. So I guess it's just a difference of opinion. She's not especially offensive, just not funny.