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Rating: of 10

Buffy: Season 2

It's official -- I'm hooked. I know Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a lot of flak, but if you watch a couple episodes it is very easy to get hooked. Hearing people talk about the premise of Buffy (young people killing vampires) doesn't do it justice. The best part of the show is the writing, as the wit and sarcasm poke fun at the horror genre throughout the series.

This season is supposed to be one of the best in the series and it really shows. It was early enough to avoid any crappy scripts or superfluous charaters. It's also a solid 24 episodes with a great season finale. Really strong. I'd almost recommend starting with this season, but I personally prefer to have the whole backstory; you tend to care more about what goes on.

Now that the first two seasons are on DVD and the third is coming in January, you have little excuse to check out a phew episodes. Oh, and the reruns air twice a day on FX.