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Rating: 1 of 10

Kicking and Screaming

Uhhhh, so bad. I just wanted something light and fun, but neither the movie nor Will Ferrell could really deliver. Will was funny, but not enough to save this piece of crap. The editing and the soundtrack were possibly the worst I've ever experienced. Really, it was that bad.

I recommend this film to Satan, as a potential torture device.

The plus is for the handful of times Will made me laugh and for the delicious banana pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine that Karen was nice enough to share.


only good thing about this movie was the banana pudding.

sometimes i think maybe you and i have the tendency to be a touch overly critical when it comes to movies and launch easily into diatribes but since jori also found it irredeemable, i think we're pretty safe in the assessment of "torture device."