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Rating: 7 of 10

Spoon - Gimmie Fiction

Today, two new records were released by bands I highly regard -- Gimmie Fiction by Spoon and Make Believe by Weezer. Although I've only listened to Weezer's record once, I have no qualms about crowning Gimmie Fiction the winner.

After two amazing records, Kill the Moonlight and Girls Can Tell, Spoon manages to keep things going. The record isn't quite as strong as the last two, but that would be tough to do. I'm just happy to see they didn't crash and burn. "I Turn My Camera On" is easily the best song, but the drop-off is tolerable. I'm also a big fan of "My Mathematical Mind" and "I Summon You".

Gimmie Fiction's a safe bet if you're looking to drop $12 on an album. In regards to Make Believe, I'm only gonna buy it if I can find it for $8.


Spoon's new one is just fantastic from the get-go. I'm gonna like that one a lot.

I've listened to Weezer's Make Believe about 4 times through. Only "Freak Me Out" sticks, and sticks well. It's almost just worth the 99 cents for that track.