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Rating: 6 of 10

Fahrenheit 9/11

You should see this film. Despite its shortcomings, which I'll get to momentarily, Michael Moore brings to light facts about Bush and his administration that everyone should know. So, make a point to see this movie.

That aside, I was not terribly impressed with this film. Although it was passionate and well researched, the only cohesive element is Moore's disdain for Bush, which was not enough. The film would have worked better as three or four news magazine pieces. I couldn't describe any aspect of this film as boring, but it seemed to jump from one argument to the other without any clear connection. This is why I though that this was not Moore's best effort and it was sub-par as far as a documentary-ish film goes.

Even though the mechanics of the movie were flawed, I was intrigued by Moore's message. His op-ed style documentaries are fun to watch and are a perfect balance to the right-wing crazies (Limbaugh, O'Reilly, etc.). We need someone around to trumpet the beliefs of the left.

The truth is, I can recommend this movie because Moore does a good enough job of showing Bush's flaws and this film should convince people that he needs to be ousted in November.

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i agree totally. this is a movie, not a documentary.

one thing that was nice to see was a decrease in his screen time. 'roger & me' & 'bowling for columbine' both had far too much of him.

the scene where he attempts to recruit senators children shows one man totally dumbfounded....but moore cut it right before the senator said "i don't have any kids, but my nephew is already serving."

i had never seen the scene of the burned soldiers being used as piniatas before, disturbing to say the least. on a lighter of the last scenes with the "fool me" clip was so good....i hadn't scene that since the daily show aired it.

all that said, i cannot imagine that anyone after seeing this movie - no matter how ignorant or educated - could vote for bush in a few months.