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Rating: 9 of 10

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

I hate Metallica. I never really liked their music and the Napster fiasco was a huge turn-off. Still, Some Kind of Monster has managed to give them a human quality that you hadn't seen before. Whether this was calculated or not I don't know, but it was definitely effective.

The documentary made me wonder if I had always given them a bad rap, or if they have toned down in their age. It seemed to be more of the latter, as they are getting older and being forced to deal with adult issues (families, relationships, etc.) that were not an issue in their wild-stallion days. It was hilarious to watch them, the most popular heavy metal band in the world, go through therapy together. And I couldn't believe how wimpy Dave Mustaine is.

This movie also works for the die-hard fans as it gives a frame of reference for their newest album, St. Anger. It's easy to see where the songs originated and what inspired them. This aspect alone makes the movie worthwhile.

I highly recommend this film. Possibly my favorite rock documentary. Then again, I haven't seen quite enough of them.

RIYL: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart