Capn Design

Rating: 8 of 10


Jesus. This movie is crazy.

I'm not sure what to say and I'm not sure if I liked the director's style and I'm not sure if I could understand everything, but I was totally immersed in the film and will not forget it. This is why it got a high rating.

This is a film that makes you rub your eyes when it's over, wait for someone to remind you it's over, and then proclaim, "Awesome." My only complaint is the ending. I don't think it fit with the tone of film and made it a bit too preachy.

This review is mostly over, but I'm bringing something new into my movie reviews. In a nod to CMJ New Music Monthly, I shall now bring you R.I.Y.L. (Recommended If You Like...).

R.I.Y.L. craziness, manga/anime, sexy corporate espionage, Chloé Sevigny


Dear Mr. Sajak,

First off, I'd just like to tell you how much of a fan of "Tha' Wheel" I am!
I live for "Tha' Wheel!"
If I had to use a "metaphor" I'd say that I am a monkey in 2001 and that "tha' wheel" is my monolith.

Sometimes, In the morning I pretend that I am a contestant on "tha' Wheel," and I'll turn the shower tiles in the bathroom, as if they were the letters on the "big-board." I can also tell you that if Vanna White showed up in my bathroom, tryin' to turn my shower tiles, I'd be bathing a whole lot more! A HA HA!

Do you have any contestant spots open on "Tha' Wheel?!" I'd so very much like to be on your show! I can guarantee that my introductory, and inter-commercial banter would be entirely affable and delightful. I never curse, and only occasionally make inane spelling mistakes (who knew that Cloaca didn't have an "E"?! That's one vowel I shouldn't have bought!)

Please let me know ASAP, as I'm also waiting to hear back from Alex Trebek, and want to give one of you first dibs (I'm favoring Trebek, though…something about that proto-pubescent mustache really turns me on).

A-L-L T-H-E B-I'd like to buy a vowel…an "E"!-S-T!

Tadam J. Wasser-stein