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Rating: 3 of 10

She Hate Me

Dear Mr. Lee,

Oh, Spike. I knew I shouldn't have watched this. Everyone said it was completely worthless. Still, I hoped there would be a glimmer of something here. Really, there wasn't.

The reason I give you only a D is so you'll have a sliver of hope. I just read an interview with Steve Albini from the latest Comes with a Smile where he discusses Neil Young's career and forgiving Greendale. "Yeah, because, well, the high points -- not in Greendale, but the high points in his career -- for me justify the experimental process that he's undergone the entire time." I can't put you on the same level as Neil Young, but the analogy works.

I'm wiling to forgive She Hate Me, Girl 6 and School Daze because of Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X and 25th Hour. Please though, let's work harder on avoiding movies like this one.


p.s. Why did you put his face on the sperm? That was creepy.