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Rating: 10 of 10


Thanks to Karen, I was able to see this movie a week early and I'm very thankful. Not only was this one of my favorite movies of the last five years, but the plot is so detailed that I would have been pissed if someone had spoiled the ending.

Without giving too much away, OldBoy is the story of a man who gets imprisoned for fifteen years without knowing why. The movie follows his attempts at piecing the puzzle together. The gripping storyline tied with amazing visuals makes this movie unforgettable.

Since I don't want to say much more and give away anything else, I'll give you something to think about when you see it. One of the best scenes is a fight sequence that happens in a hallway. While discussing it with Karen, it made me think about whether he was influenced by video games, specifically side-scrolling fighters. I'm curious to hear if any of you see the influence of videogames elsewhere in the movie.

And in conclusion, go see this movie.


Hey, just thought I'd post CUZ OLD BOY ROCKED! Great movie.