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The Push Stars, Imperial Teen

This show was odd for me since these are two bands I really like but are nothing alike. CMJ brings very different bands together.

Imperial Teen was just amazing. Any band that does danceable pop music has great potential in a live forum. Imperial Teen did their job. In fact, my love for this band truly gelled Wednesday, October 30th 2002. Too bad I missed their other New York appearances following this one.

The Push Stars have been a long time favorite of mine, but I think I'm starting to grow out of them. They have perfected their craft and have a fun live show, but they are just bland. It's tough for me to say this since I know the guys personally, but it's the truth. Either way, if you like very polished folk-pop then this is for you. They are great, but no longer my bag.

Sidenote: I found out The Push Stars' drummer is from Highland Park, my high school rival. We grrr-ed at each other a few hundred times after the show.