It's been raining lately. In fact, it has rained fairly consistently over the last 48 hours. This is disappointing. It wasn't so bad when I lived here because the days evened out, but right now we're in a particularly rainy period and it makes vacation a little rough.

As a result, yesterday turned into movie day as my mum and sister saw Bowling For Columbine while my dad and I saw Die Another Day. BFC is amazing and DAD was just fine. It was certainly not the best Bond movie ever. Last night we went to Hakkisan, a swanky japanese place. It was really good. Then I went home and watched Channel 4 for a bit followed by Spinal Tap on tv. God I love British TV.

Today we took a cab tour, which was boring for me as I've seen most of the city, but I read and the family enjoyed it. We've spent the rest of the day in Soho eating and looking in smaller shops. I got Jellyfish's Spilt Milk for 5 ($8).

Tonight is dinner and a play. I'm pumped. And now it's back to the rain for me.