I know I shouldn't be posting this much while on vacation, but you'll have to forgive me. Why? No reason aside from the amount of love you feel for me.

Last night we went to Wagamama, and it did not disappoint, followed by the Abridged Works of Shakespeare, a play at the Criterion Theatre. The play was just fine. Entertaining at best. There were definitely some funny bits but overall it was just unispired. Of the 40 odd plays they presented, they only really had two that were any good. Everything in between was a waste of time. I'm not really upset though because I was not expecting this to be very profound.

Today we had our day trip to Oxford. Although I spent two months in London during the summer of 2001, I never once made it to Oxford. Luckily, before we left we had decided to visit our old neighbors who live North of London and Oxford ended up being the best common location. Now that I've gone, I know that it is beautiful but unnecessary for a tourist, unless you are really into old buildings and beautiful scenery. Truth be told, my sister and I both agreed that we would transfer there immediately (too bad I have already graduated). The campus is beautiful and one of the halls was used for the dining room in the Harry Potter films.

Now we are back and I am going to be meeting up with my friend Amanda who is living here in London. I am excited to hear all of her good stories and see if she has a newfound accent.