We now know that Mr. Lieberman will be running for president in 2004 and I am in a quandry. On the one hand, he is a huge conservative and his politics are generally the polar opposite of mine. On the other he is both a minority and a jew, which is something we have never had in office. If this were a perfect world that was completely color blind then I would not vote for Joe, but it is not. The truth is, it would be great to have someone in office who is not a Christian. I know he is still a "stuffy old white guy" but we must take baby steps.

This whole perdicament reminds of when black people first started appearing on television and in movies. Although people disliked the stereotypical or derogetory roles they played, many applauded their presence alone. There was a lot of contention over the subject and I am sure this will happen again over the next two years.

So I'll ask you: should race and ethnicity play a role in your vote for the president?