1. South Korea
    Not only do you help us Americans, but you provide highly entertaining upsets. Thanks.

  2. 76°
    I think this is the perfect temperature, for summer at least. Get on that one Ma Nature.

  3. Waferbaby
    A classic website that all should check out for all of its amusing, entertaining and thought provoking material.

  4. Saturn Cars
    Only recently have I been able to appreciate the designs of these cars, especially the new Vue.

  5. Múm
    I found out about this group last year, and they rool. Check out their new album right now. I mean it, now. Really.

  6. In Passing
    A site devoted to conversational snippets overheard on the street or where ever. Interesting, to say the least.

  7. Simon Cowell
    The main judge for American Idol, and also for the even better British series, Popstars. This man is cruel and it makes the show so much better.

  8. Jeepers Creepers
    A true monster movie. No big gore scenes, no big battle scene. There are just monsters, scared kids and a lot of shadows. Oh, and Warren Cheswick is in it. If you know what that means, you rule.

  9. Click to Add Title
    A competition in Powerpoint. The site has an appropriate and clean design and the competition is heated.

  10. Breed All About It
    A newly discovered show on Animal Planet. Rommie and I like this one.