As I was driving back from Chicago this afternoon, an awesome idea came into my head. People, especially Jannelle, have complained for years about drivers' inability to "communicate" with people who cut them off or let them in. A wave or a middle finger just isn't enough. Jannelle thought we should have LED signs displaying messages like "F**k you you f**ckin' motherf**ker!!" or "Thanks," and I think that would rule. But, I want you to picture this.

Imagine every car was equiped with a bluetooth transceiver (this is like WiFi aka wireless networking) that connected with a communicator (essentially a miniature computer) built into the dashboard. This would allow you to communicate with any car within a certain radius. Each car would have a name connected to their unique license plate number and there would be a "buddy list" of nearby cars. Then you could have some canned phrases to send to those around you or let your passenger type in a message.

This technology would also have less trivial uses. For instance, when you see a hot girl/guy in a passing car you could send them your digits. Really though, if the cars were also equiped with a GPS, which all will be at some point, then you could check out how far ahead the caravan is when you had to pull over for an emergency bathroom break. Oh, and you would of course be able to talk to any of these people via a built in two-way radio, if they accepted your call.

This would be amazing, even if it would lead to a gajillion accidents. Would you guys ever want something like this?