Today, my aunt and cousin arrive to participate in SOAR. Anaya, my cousin, is coming to school here in the fall and is getting her formal introduction from UW. It brings me back to four years ago when I first arrived here. It was relatively uneventful, but I distinctly remember walking up and down State St. looking at all the cd stores. I knew I was in trouble from the get go.

Here are a list of things that began on SOAR, 4 years ago, and remain today:
1. My love of Madison record stores.
2. My friendship with Eric Clay, who was in my advising group for Secondary Education-English.
3. My avoidance of public dorms, which was unintentional.
4. My amusement from the misfortune of others when it involves drinking (one kid got a ticket for underage drinking. he he).
5. My love for Madison.

Yay for SOAR.