Today, I donated to a political campaign for the first time in my life. I contributed $25 to John Kerry's campaign. I had been inspired by a couple sources (nedward, one of my coworkers), but this article is what pushed me over the edge. It explaied how Bush had been raising all of his money, but it also mentioned that he has already raised $159 million, which is significantly more than Kerry. Kerry is aiming for $80 million by the convention, while Bush is expected to hit $200 million.

The NY Times article stressed how the McCain-Feingold Soft Money Bill changed the focus to small donations instead large ones (due to the $2,000 cap on personal donations). As a result, I felt it was my duty to donate money to Kerry's campaign. As my coworker put it, "I don't want Kerry to lose because he was drowned out by Bush's marketting machine." Ok, so she didn't say exactly that, but it's more or less right.

As I said in the title of this post, if you can spare one new DVD, or one nicer dinner or a night on the town, then you can help Kerry to defeat Bush. So please, donate to John Kerry's campaign. Please.