This Saturday (or maybe Sunday), I am going to attempt something I have always threatened to do but never really had a good opportunity. I'm going to spend the entire day at the movies. I worked it out, and if I can manage to get into all of these movies without any problems, I'll be able to see seven films in one day. It's going to be tight, and I'm seeing a movie or two I wouldn't have seen otherwise, but I think I can do it.

I'm more than willing to do this on my own, which should make me a bit more inconspicuous, but if you'd like to join me for a movie or for the whole thing, you're welcome. I'm going to do it at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square because it's easy to get around and they have 25 screens, which makes it easier. Here is Saturday's schedule. Below you can see my tenative schedule. I plan to work on backup plans in case certain ones are full or if there is some muscle outside the theater.

12:20pm: Triplets of Belleville (1hr. 22min.)
1:50pm: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (1 hr. 48min.)
4:20pm: Spartan (1hr. 46min.)
6:20pm: Dawn of the Dead (1hr. 40min.)
8:15pm: Osama (1hr. 22min.)
9:30pm: The Dreamers (2hr. 10min.)
11:45pm: 50 First Dates (1hr. 46min.)

You can expect a full recap of the event, complete with some photographs and information on preparation, after it's all finished.