Maybe I should clarify. I scored a 131 followed by a 124. Nonetheless, I was happy with my two scores despite a poor start in the second round. Biggest disappointment: misses the turkey in the tenth frame of the second game by one pin. Youch.

In the past I went to Schwoegler's for my Monday night bowling fix, thinking that $2 a game was a steal. The music was good too. Little did I know that Middleton Sport Bowl offered games for just $1. Not to mention, the $3 chilidog / fry combo coupled with a challenging yet fruitful jukebox. I suggest you give it a roll.

There's one thing I know for certain: both bowling alleys beat the Brunswick back in Deerfield, IL that charged me $4.50 for a single game. Unbowlievable.

The End. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!