Yes it's a Zoolander joke, but this post will be serious.

Last night, while I was desperately trying to fall asleep, I caught a memorial segment on Ted Williams on ESPN. It was definitely well done but it got me thinking; why can't we do more of these things when people are alive? Wouldn't it be wonderful for people to celebrate your life at a time when you can appreciate it?

One of my deans from high school whom I was close with recently had a bout with breast cancer and was able to experience something like a living eulogy. She said that it was amazing to read people's letters and talk to them on the phone because it made her realized how much she was appreciated.

So I think we should all try and tell people how much we enjoy their presence. If people heard these things it would make "real life" much more tolerable. Enough of my rambling, but ya'll should give it a shot.