Some people just like to hear their own voice. An article explains that an interest groups is trying to get Coca-Cola to discontinue their Harry Potter campaign. “Coke has transformed Harry Potter into a marketing wizard to hook our kids on its junk beverages.” Ha ha, a marketing wizard. Alright guys, this article bothers me for a couple reasons.

  1. Kids like rollercoasters. Often Coke has promotions that offer discounts on admission on their cans. Soda companies have been doing this for a while, Harry Potter is not a leader in this case.

  2. Coca-Cola spokeswoman Susan McDermott said Coca-Cola’s association with Harry Potter is about promoting the value of reading and the magic of Harry Potter — not promoting products to children. Yeah, sure lady. Really, we’re not trying to sell beverages. We didn’t pay XXX publishing company a few million dollars to sell something. Heck no! We are just trying to promote Harry Potter’s magic. In fact, starting tomorrow, Coke will cost $1 a can because we care.

  3. “Much as parents are involved in reading with their children and helping to make decisions about what they read, parents are also involved in deciding what their kids choose to eat or drink.” Who cares if Harry Potter is on a freakin’ can of Coke. Kids rot their teeth on candy and other crap too. And like you said lady, it is a parental choice; they can decide to just not buy Coke. Very simple.

  4. Kids like Harry Potter. Kids like sugar. Bringing them together will save them time so that they can sell lemonade for the relief efforts. This story made me cry, no joke. Kids are so much better than adults. Note to self: start breeding.