Everything is copasetic. So I did indeed go to sleep after the last post with the intentions of getting up at 7am to finish everything. I got into bed and fell asleep to Wolf Blitzer. I vaguely remember waking up at 7, hitting my alarms, and going back to sleep. For some reason my body will shut everything else off if it just too damn tired. It did. My roommate woke me up at 9:50 and I had an hour and fifteen minutes to finish 6 pages. By an act of God, or some other incredibly powerful force, I was able to finish the paper and bring it to class before it ended. I wrote a page every 12.5 minutes. Wrong. Still, when I looked over the paper before printing it out it all made sense. So I will not question what happened, I will just accept its beauty and move on.

Now I can relax. I am going to the Great Dane for dinner tonight and tomorrow I will be going to Death Cab for Cutie in Chicago. All is right in the world. Err, maybe not. All is mostly right in my little world. Yeah.