There are two kind of people in this world: those who accept handbills and those who don't. I, typically, am in the latter column. I don't like grabbing stuff from people because I feel that by not grabbing a handbill I will singlehandedly bring down Capitalism. Today though, I was on the other side of the window. I was giving out handbills. Let me tell you, it felt great. See, I was giving out postcards and stickers for the Coldplay album outside of the David Gray show, and people just snatched them up. I had nothing left by the time everyone had filled out. Why are people so eager to grab a piece of paper that says a band's name? I'm guessing most ended up in the garbage, but at least I did my job. The moral of the story is...sometimes it's a better decision to grab handbills. They may provide useful information or help me to get rid of all the swag sitting around my apartment.