Last night I was trying to update this and my computer fritzed. It made me nervous since it's new. Anyway...yesterday: a damn good birthday. Here's the rundown.

So I woke up at 11 and finished cleaning my apartment for my family's arrival. They came in around 1, we hugged/kissed and then went to Radical Rye for lunch. It was wonderful by the way. Then we went to look at my apartment for next year, which I like more and more every time I see it (only twice now). I can't wait. I'll post a floor plan sometime soon you can see what I'm talking about. Moving on, after the apartment my mom, sister and I walked around the city a little as my dad and gramma went back to the hotel. We got some ice cream, did some shopping and then went back to the hotel to get ready. Then we went to The Opera House for dinner with Kara, Jannelle and Jenny. It was damn good. My salmon was out of this world. It was also nice for my parents and friends to meet. I like my parents to meet my friends and vice versa. It's a nice thing for them to know each other. So after dinner we ditched the family and headed out to The Karaoke Kid, a karaoke bar on campus. Now that was a fun place to celebrate the birthday. I sang some "California Dreamin" and some Backstreet Boys, but I brought down the house with "Baby Got Back." It was damn good, I gotta say. I ain't one to toot my own horn, but I had some flow. So after that Kara, Steve and Jenny came back to my place for pizza and watched Bottle Rocket, a birthday gift. All in all, a wonderful birthday.