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Di Fara: Rant and Response

By many, Di Fara is considered the holy grail of pizza. Girl Slice disagrees. Strongly.

  1. Why is it so smoky in there? When I have visited Di Fara, there are times that my eyes have burned so much that I was crying… from pain and unhappiness, not from deliciousness. Eating at Di Fara is like eating in a coal mine.

She goes on to explain that the pizza is “…often burned, the sauce can be bland, and worst of all, it’s way too oily.”

I skew closer to holy grail than coal mine, but Girl Slice has a point — waiting over an hour for a sometimes-burnt pie with no guarantee of seating is typically not worth the effort. I’d go to Best Pizza or Totonno’s ahead of Di Fara any day.