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The Winklevoss Twin

I’ll admit, I didn’t realize until well after seeing The Social Network that the Winklevi were actually one person. I felt dumb. Just showing one twin at a time is easy, but I still didn’t understand how they did two. Then I searched around it’s kind of mind-blowing.

Hammer played the main twin in each shot. For shots that included both twins at the same time, Pence stood in for the second twin; Hammer later went into a studio, where he strapped his head into a harness to film that twin’s face and voice, which was then digitally superimposed over Pence’s face in the film. The result is a sort of hybrid actor with Hammer’s head and Pence’s body.

That sounds creepy and entirely unnecessary. Apparently David Fincher’s exacting detail went beyond just clothing. On the other hand, reading this quote makes me realize it’s not the easiest of tasks.

For a long time, I held out for this idea that we were going to find two 6’5″ 220-pound scullers who were going to be able to act.

Fine, you win this round Fincher, but it doesn’t make up for the ridiculous CGI sequences in Panic Room.


I heard about that this weekend as well and was very much blown away. I just thought that Hollywood was able to produce a set of good looking twins. You know, from a petri dish or something.

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