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Imaginary Forces Considers the Desk

This is a video showcasing how people work at and interact with their desks. It makes Sippey wonder if Massimo Vignelli has a power supply intern. And when I hear Alice Twemlow say that “…the desk becomes more of a state of mind than an actual physical place” in the futue, I can’t help but think of Jack’s great article on habit fields.

Consider the desk in your office. Maybe it reminds you of when you opened the box and put the pieces together. Or maybe it recalls your first day at work, when your colleague showed you where you would sit. The desk, the computer on top of it, the chair you sit in, and the space they comprise are all repositories for memory. But these things don’t just store our memories; they store our behaviors too. The sum of these stored behaviors is an object’s habit field, and merely being around it compels our bodies and minds to act in certain ways.