On occasion, I buy things. Since I am lazy, I like it when companies come to me and inform me of their new or cheap wares. This is why I check that box on their site that lets them send me newsletters.

It's a fair deal. They send me information I want and in return I trade them money for goods. Everybody wins, except most of the time.

Oh really? I can now get a $25 discount on a future purchase of swim trunks if I buy $175 worth of linen pants? Is the 15% discount on all striped pantwear you mentioned on Saturday still applicable? Too bad the buy 3 children's AFC North hats get 2 NFC South ladies earmuffs deal is over, because that was doozy.

I'm being clever here, but I would like to tell every manager of every newsletter everywhere to never send me more than 2 emails a month. I signed up for info on new products and sales, not an email carpetbombing. This may have worked with catalogs when that was the only way to access your products from home and they were highly disposable, but I have a computer that maintains a consistent connection to the internet and it's usually within arms reach. Reminding me you exist on a near-daily is annoying, useless and puts you one step closer to my spam folder.

So please, tell me when you have something new or something awesome or something cheap, but do not send me four emails a week about anything. I will unsubscribe and then I will not hear about anything you're doing. And then no one wins.