BOTM: Vande Rose Farms

As a wedding gift, Jori and I were given a subscription to Grateful Palate's Bacon of the Month Club. Sure, the internet is overrun by bacon, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. In other words, we were excited.

BOTM: Vande Rose FarmsEach month you get a package of bacon shipped to you with a card that explains the bacon's flavor profile and its producer's origins. This card also had quotes from Danny Meyer and David Chang, extolling the virtues of Vande Rose Farms' bacon. Danny said, "My Favorite. Lovely appearance, exquisite balance, remarkable meat. All this needs is a fork and knife. 4 oinks."

Personally, I found the bacon to be delicious. It was salty, flavorful and super smoky. I also enjoyed the thick cut, which let you feel like you're really eating a piece of meat. My only complaint would be that it was a little too fatty. It made it tough to cook evenly. I don't know what scale Danny Meyer is using, but I'd probably give it 4 oinks out of 5.

Here are all the pictures I took of this batch and I'll be adding photos each month to this photoset.