iPhone on the Subway

Yesterday on the subway ride home, I fired up ye olde iPhone to watch Rebels of the Neon God. It's a Taiwanese film and I had ripped it with the english subtitles, which I've learned has its plusses and minuses. It's wonderful to have subtitles when your A train squeals around a corner and the volume on your iPhone can go no higher, but when you're leaning against the door and forced to avoid oncoming passengers, you best know Mandarin or you'll miss a chunk of dialogue.

Eventually I got a seat and a guy in an white, oxford shirt and khakis plopped down next to me (I was wearing jeans and a threadless shirt). He pulled out his Zune and started up 300. [Insert joke here]

The Announcements Today

I've been waiting for a 120GB iPod for over a year (my 3G is in a sad state). If it's widescreen and $350, you'll see me at the Apple Store within 10 minutes. I'm curious about the other stuff, but I don't think they'll any big surprises. My left field prediction? The first update (1.1) to the iPhone software will be the first big announcement.

NBC Ruminations

With all the talk about NBC pulling out of iTunes, I thought I'd bring up Capn Design's most popular post ever — The Cost of A La Carte Television. A year and a half ago I compared the cost of watching every show via iTunes and having a regular cable subscription. It cost nearly half as much to just call up your cable company and get a box. Granted, this was before they announced the Season Pass, but at prices of $25-$35 cable would still be cheaper.

And if you actually clicked through, you're probably thinking "Love Monkey?!?" Fair enough, but it had only aired a couple episodes and I am a huge fan of Ed.