Okay, so I got lazy. I kept the log, but I didn't bother putting it up until now (day 7 might be a little spotty; I think I missed a few things). So shoot me. Tien, you are far more regimented than I.

Day 4: Friday

8:25am HOME Banana
10:30am WORK Sesame bagel with cream cheese from street vendor
11:37am Start 32oz. of water
2:00pm 1/3 of my leftover Blockheads Burrito, small container of salsa, 1/2 of a small bag of tortilla chips
2:09 Finished water
2:17 Started 20oz water
4:18 12oz. Sprite
5:40 ANGELIKA FILM CENTER Medium bag of popcorn
8:25 BURGERS AND CUPCAKES Cheeseburger, 1/2 a basket of fries, carrot cupcake, glass of water, 2 bites of a vanilla cupcake
10:30 HOME Glass of water

Day 5: Saturday

10:28am HOME 20 dry Trader Joe's Frosted Mini-Wheats
10:44 Bowl of TJ's Raisin Bran with 1% milk
12:56pm AMC EMPIRE 25 Start 24oz. of water
1:28 2/3 of a box of Junior Mints
2:21 Finish water
4:27 Start 24oz. of water
4:37 The rest of the Junior Mints
5:46 Nature Valley Oats & Honey Granola Bar
6:10 Finish water
7:11 McDONALD'S Cheeseburger
8:57 FETCH 1 Glass of water, 1 Diet Coke, Blackened Salmon with Tomato, Avocado, Corn and Zucchini
12:04am HOME Glass of water

Day 6: Sunday

10:28am HOME Bowl of Honey Puffed Kashi with 1% milk
12:58pm Leftover Salmon from yesterday, 1 small strip of grilled chicken, 1 Fresca
2:26pm 30 pistachois, 1 glass of water
3:21 1 hot dog gummy candy
3:57 1/2 of a Spinach Pitza (yes, Pitza) from Bedouin Tent
5:24 McCARREN PARK Started drinking water
9:14 Finished water, drank 84oz. total
10:04 HOME Two Trader Joe's Corn & Bean Enchiladas, glass of water
10:31 1 gummy hot dog candy

Day 7: Monday

8:29am HOME Bowl of Honey Puffed Kashi wih 1% milk
10:06 WORK Begin 32oz. of water
1:12pm Turkey burger with fries from America's Burgers & Wraps, Diet Coke
3:39 Banana
4:14 Finished water
8:42 YEMEN CUISINE (Great place, could only find an out-dated Voice review) Chicken Galaba, Yeminite soup (no clue), Salad with carrot ginger-ish dressing, 2 glasses black tea
9:47 LAST EXIT BAR 1 fountain Coke
11:36 HOME 1/2 glass of water