In three days, I board a plane for Hong Kong. A week after that I'll be off to Tokyo. I cannot wait. My friend Robbie is doing a semester of law school in HK, so we'll hang out there for a week and then head off to Tokyo with a brief stint in Kyoto.

I'm planning to update as much as possible while there. I'll have internet in both places, so it shouldn't be too big a deal. Last year, after my trip to Europe, I planned to put together this special site, but of course that didn't happen. This year, I'll just be posting here. It'll be good times.

Also, if you any recommendations for either place (food, shops, sights, whatever), I would happily take them. Keith was already nice enough to sit down and give me some tips for HK. Don't be surprised if I return with a suitcase full of pirated DVDs, cell phones and sneakers.