I'll warn you now, all three of these are pop-tastic. If you're looking for music to kill yourself to, look elsewhere.

aquabats_cover.jpgAquabats - Charge!

When I told my friend Steve he should check out the new Aquabats record, he said, "Are you serious?" Yes, I was and am. It seems they were once a raging ska super-band, but now they're just a raging super-band. The music is pop-punk, with heavy emphasis on the pop and perfect for edgier President of the USA fans. It's silly, it's fun and requires little to no pride. Buy it.

Real Ones - Home with the Girls in the MorningReal Ones - Home with the Girls in the Morning

Watch out Sweden, here comes Norway. Real Ones are a more straight forward twang-rock outfit, but have that distinctively loud-soft sound of the Swedorway region. Although they pull out the usual stops with sweet harmonies and catchy melodies, Real Ones have a variety of bass lines and beats at their disposal. The album flows nicely, but songs like "Disharmonic Ears" (which happens to be the best on their record) keep your ears perked up. Their two albums are available on iTunes or through Norwegian online stores.

magic-numbers_cover.jpgThe Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers

I listened to The Magic Numbers on three separate occasions at Virgin Megastore, never buying it as it was a pricey import. Thankfully, a friend managed to snag a copy off a coworker's desk (yay connected friends!) and I have been loving it ever since. The Numbers are two sets of brothers and sisters who make light, indie pop songs, which is why I found them irresistable. The first track, "Mornings Eleven", is the standout. The album will be out in the U.S. in the fall, but you could get it online today if you're impatient. Buy it.

Also: Barsuk has posted "Do It Again", the first single from Nada Surf's upcoming album, The Weight is a Gift. Love the song, can't wait for the album.