This morning's attacks caught me offguard. I guess that tends to happen with terrorism, but I've felt safe lately and hadn't thought much about mortality. In fact, earlier this week I was thinking about the new Freedom Tower plans for lower Manhattan and how crazy the 20-story concrete and metal base is. I also questioned why I live in New York City and put myself at risk. I love my city, but am I willing to put myself in harm's way so I can see movies two weeks before the rest of the country? Yes, I am trivializing what New York is about but this morning's bombings brought up a lot of questions for me.

When I rode the subway home, there were three police officers in my car. I suppose they are there more to make me feel at ease than to actually stop an attack. I don't know that I felt safer but I did wonder what these cops would have been doing if it were not for this morning.

Maybe we're not approaching terrorism the right way. Or maybe we'll never be able to stop it. I'm not sure, but I feel very unsettled. I guess it's appropriate I'm heading to International Falls, MN for a long weekend to go fishing. It's possible I could come back with the answers to everything. I guess you'll find out next week.

My heart goes out to all of those involved in the attacks.