Today, Randy Moss mock-mooned the fans in Green Bay after he caught a touchdown for the Vikings. Immediately, the announcers were calling him out, saying that was "disgusting." Give me a break. He didn't actually moon them, he was just having some fun. What's the big deal?

I can't stand how sports pundits expect players to act like they're proper gentlemen. This is football, not polo. Let the players show some emotion. I don't care and I'm pretty sure that most folks watching grown men knock the shit out of each other don't care if someone has a goofy touchdown celebration.

I'm sick of all this mock concern for morality and decency. According to this article from Mediaweek, there were just below 1.1 million complaints about indecency to the FCC in 2004 up until October 1st. 540,000 were made in regards to the nipple slip at the Super Bowl. Of the remaining 500,000 or so, 99.9% were from one group, the Parent's Television Council (PTC). In 2003, 99.98% of all complaints were made by the same group. If you take those away, 500 complaints were made by other folks over a nine month period in 2004. That's it.

With that being said, I hope you too can endorse Randy Moss's mock-mooning. I just hope those folks over at PTC can cool their freakin' jets so I don't have to listen to people up in arms over a mock-mooning. Sheesh.