Today, I wll be spending the entire day on the couch. I purchased NFL Sunday Ticket this year, and I haven't had a chance to really put it to use. Thus, I'll be watching football from 1 until 11:30. From now until then, I'll be updating as I watch.

10am: I was pumped up, so I figured I would start the day off with some fake football. Madden. Things started off poorly as I went down 14-0. I was able to tie things up but things ended abruptly when I turned the machine with only a few seconds left. Yeah, that happens sometimes.

11am: The football pregame shows start. Generally, these are horribly painful to watch. They've apparently learned something from the political "discussion" shows as there is a great deal of yelling. They seperate themselves by actually provding some real analysis. I'm sticking with ESPN for the most part as Fox can't shut up (surprise...) and CBS is just boring (...surprise). The highlight: an Adidas commercial for these shoes (you can watch the commercial if you dig a little). I don't think it's a good sign that the first exciting moment has nothing to do with football.

1:30pm: Finally, football begins. I start off the games with a little cleaning. I know, that really shouldn't be a part of my football sunday, but it's early in the games and the kitchen was dirty. I'll mostly be watching Indy and KC this afternoon as it's fun to watch lots of scoring. So far, 7-0 Indy. The only bad thing about having so many games and one television is that you're likely to miss everything that's good. I swear, some Sundays I'll spend 3 hours of watching kickoffs and commercials. Hopefully I'll get a little luckier today.

2:11pm: Here's my setup. Although I have Tivo, I'm using the cable remote because the channels change more quickly. On my computer I have up my fantasy football team, for live stats and the DirecTV sports site with channels up. Something I've figured out is that shows when teams are in the red zone, so I'll just flip to that channel and I'm usually guaranteed something exciting.

I'm also eating lunch right now. Turkey and swiss on an onion bagel, all toasted together, and topped with mustard. On the side we have pickles and root beer. Yay sunday football.

2:59pm: The Giants are beating Minnesota 20-0. What? Well, I guess they're pretty worthless without Moss playing.

4:33pm: Round 1 is over. Nothing too shocking, but KC has been pretty amazing. 99 points in two games and 8 catches, 2 scores, 125 yds. for Gonzalez in this game. Yay fantasy points. It's been a good fantasy day for me so far. Let's hope Tomlinson can rip it up in his game.

5:04pm: The Steelers, so hot right now. 21-3 after the end of the first. I really thought New England would keep their streak alive, but it doesn't look so good right now.

6:46pm: My two liter bottle of root beer is now half gone. More news as it develops.

9:42pm: I took a little break, but not from football, just this blog. I'm watching the Bears now. They started out amazing. Krenzel threw a 49 yard touchdown pass on his first try. Unfortunately, he followed up with a fumble and an interception. Things are okay now, as it's tied up, but I'm still not resting easy. Highlight so far: both teams' kickers have knocked in field goals off the crossbar.

10:31pm: Watching the Bears by itself is often too painful. That's why I'm cutting it with the baking of an apple pie. It should be out of the oven near the end of the game.

11:42pm: The Bears have had two challenges go their way that were highly questionable. I'm not complaining, as it means we're up by 10 now. In other news, the pie will be done in 15 minutes, which should be right on time.