Well, I just changed web hosts. You'll only see this when the name servers change.

If you see anything that is amiss, please let me know.

Update: I seemed to have moved. Email is a little wonky right now, but I can still receive it. Just know that I might have trouble getting back to you today. Oh, and I know about that isse on the right side. Not sure what the problem is.

Hmm: Ok, it seems to be working now. Everything's a go on my end. Wheeeeeee.

Details: Matt requested to know who I'm hosting with, so here you go. I'm using Midphase Hosting, per the recommendation of Web Host Magazine. I'm getting 1.7GB of space (although cPanel claims my space is unlimited), 55 GB/month of bandwidth, two hosted domains and all the other goodies (PHP, MySQL, etc.) for $9.99/mo. So far so good as my account was set up in 20 minutes and everything is up and work less than 24 hours later.