Right now I am sitting on the couch watching Beyonce and Prince perform a medley of hits, new and old. It is definitely entertaining. Prince comes out and you say, "Sweet, Prince." Then Beyonce comes out and you're like, "Huh, Beyonce." But the truth is that these medleys remind me of Bar Mitzvahs. Granted, it would be the best fucking Bar Mitzvah of all time, but it would still be Bar Mitzvah-esque.

This further cements my disdain for award shows. They have become way too predicatable. If I have more to say as the show progresses (honestly, I'm just watching until Sex in the City comes on), I'll be sure to put it here.

Update (8:13PM): Dave Matthews, Vince Gill, Sting and Pharrell?!? Very odd. Please, no one let Dave Matthews sing anything but his own songs, ever. And poor Pharrell had to just play that boring Ringo-beat. Ringo definitely still kinda sucked in 1964.