This evening, Curb Your Enthusiasm discussed the little talked about, but often thought about subject of peeing positions for men. It is more or less assumed that men stand up to pee. The theory is, "We can so why shouldn't we?" Well, I think Larry hit it right on the head when he said, "Why stand when you could sit?"

When you think about it, standing doesn't make that much sense and here are a few reasons why:

  • Sitting is more comfortable and relaxing.
  • When you stand up you run the risk of drippage and that's no good.
  • You can't forget to put the seat down if roommates/significant others usually raise a stink.

The more I think about it, we should be asking, "Why stand?" Really, what's the benefit? The only time I'm guaranteed to stand is when I'm in a public restroom. Then, I'll stand up for sanitary reasons and because sitting down on a public toilet isn't all that comfortable.

I'll conclude by saying that all the men out there who have been in the closet and were afraid to admit they prefer to pee sitting down, tonight is our coming out party. We shall no longer be shamed by our machismo brethren. Move over standy-uppies and say hello to the sitty-downies. Hurrah!