Well, humanity is headed for the shitter. Last night Melinda chose Jason, the pretty boy, over Adam, the right guy, on Average Joe. It was terribly disappointing, but predictable. You figured she had to pick Adam because he is a great guy, but then you realize that she is not the brightest bulb herself. As Gothamist put it, "...maybe a defeat for Average Joe means the world order is more stable than we thought."

I was actually surprised that I thought Adam had a real chance at getting picked. You'd think after getting a Radio, TV, Film degree and watching countless hours of television I would be adequately jaded. Apparently that's not the case.

I have also determined that the best way to watch these elimination dating shows is to start about half way through and watch every other or every third week until the end. You'll get a sense of the favorites and know who to root for in the final episode. This way, you don't waste all your time watching one or two hours shows that are mostly boring/annoying.

Worth Reading:
The new Flak Mag in Print has a great essay on the brilliance of reality shows. I was nearly convinced.