If you've ever talked to me in real life, you know that I have a tendancy to mumble. I don't know much about the usual cause of mumbling, but I know that my mind tends to think faster than my mouth can create words. Also, I am often very excited to speak and tend to try and get everything out at once. Generally, it isn't a problem. I just repeat myself more than the average person.

Recently, I have been loving my mumble as I get to hear the different interpretations of what they thought I said. An hour ago I told a co-worker "I better get lunch quickly," which she heard as, "I'm starting to feel twinkly." Her sentence is much more interesting. It's a fun way to unintentionally tap into people's subconscious.

My favorite misstep of all time was from my best friend Will. One day we were sitting around his house, playing video games when I said something about what was going on in the game. I don't remember exactly what I said, but after I finished talking he turns around and says to me, "Pirate muffins?!?" It's worth noting that whatever I did say had absolutely nothing to do with or sound anything like "pirate muffins." To this day, I wonder what a pirate muffin might taste like.