I just returned from a Heeb party. They were celebrating the release of their fourth issue, which I may discuss later. Now, I will tell you about the party. I got to do a lot of observing since the lady was busy taking pictures of all the pretty people.

Things started off on the wrong foot when I was forced to pay six dollars to check a bag and a coat. Totally bogus. I would have rather spent that money on something liquid, but my shoulder is less cramped this way.

Once the party started going I went into hermit mode. That's when the erotic balloon animal man came out. The one sitting on my table was of two dogs doing it. Doggystyle. Hilarious. Or not.

Next came the Spinning Dreydels. This was a Jewish breakdancing crew from Princeton, NJ. They were good but it is tough to live up to a name like that. Thankfully they were accompanied by DJ Static, who was excellent. Take note of that for some reason.

There was only one depressing moment this evening. I was sitting down, enjoy the "phat beats", when two guys in suits start to "feel the rhythm." Their dancing was pretty horrible. It was the kind of dance your dad does at your uncle andy's wedding when he wants you to come out and shake your tuchas. This is fine if they are doing it in jest and know how ridiculous they look, but I don't think they do. I genuinely wonder if they think that all the ladies are falling over each other to hump them. I really hope not.

The party didn't quite live up to my vision of a rockin'-indie-mag-release party, but it was still entertaining. At least I got some time to write a letter to my Peace Corp friend, Justin, and a free copy of the new issue. I wish all my nights were that fruitful.