Recently, my neighboorhood has been getting a lot of press. It started when Jonathan Lethem's new book, The Fortress of Solitude, hit shelves a month ago. The book is set in Lethem's childhood neighborhood, Boerum Hill, and the heart of the story takes place only three blocks from my apartment. This inspired a feature story* in the Sunday Times about the neighborhood. The story, as told by the author and Lethem in tandem, looked at how Boerum Hill changed from a neighborhood where you locked your car doors to the gentrified yuppietown it is now. Then, Grocery is named to one of the top Zagat's lists and people start taking notice (sure, it might not be in Boerum Hill proper, but it is damn close).

I'm enjoying all the attention my area is getting. I really think it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. It's easy to find a quiet spot, but you still have a decent selection of restaurants and stores. Also, it is wedged between Cobble Hill, Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, so there are plenty of enticing options around the corner. Last night I was able to walk to BAM to check out Kill Bill in a great theater. Oh, and Junior's is three blocks the other way, for when you must have the best piece of cheesecake ever.

This is normally the point where I lament the attention as it will likely drive more people to live here, raising my rent and cutting down on diversity, but I don't even care. The neighborhood is already undervalued and I wouldn't mind paying a little more. I'm just happy to have a nice apartment for a reasonable price in a great neighborhood.

Also, I would like to note that my street (State St.) is often left out of the Boerum Hill area. The usually cut it off at Atlantic. This is silly because if you go one street North of State, to Schermerhorn, there is a marked difference. So, don't dis on the State St. neighborhood-boundry-drawing people.

For more on Boerum Hill, go here or here.

*Only an abstract for some reason. Sorry.