First, whoever can tell me what song the title is referencing will get a prize of some kind. On to the guts of the post.

So after months of saga I finally have a cell phone. I decided on my dream phone, the Sony-Ericcson T616 (or T610 for non-Cingular customers). I was put off by claims of poor Cingular GSM service in New York and an unreadable screen, but I've found that both problems are not nearly as bad as I had feared.

I won't go through an extensive review as there are many others already reviewing, but I will say that I love this phone. My only complaint is with the content management system. I feel that is a little difficult to quickly call up someone's number. It's certainly much slower than using my old Nokia 3360. Then again, I can now sync my contacts with Apple's Address Book, which is a Godsend. I can also take photos and send them to myself.*

The bottomline is the phone is both fun and very useable. I am really enjoying all of the features and it's small size. I like a phone I can slip in my pocket without having a huge bulge (no, I am not happy to see you). I highly recommend this phone to people looking for a nice camera phone, especially for Cingular customers. This might be the best phone they're offering right now.

*A moblog is on its way. I am still in the process of setting it up.