Yesterday, I spent time playing with the Apple Music Store and I have a few more observations.

The pricing of albums appears to be difficult. For instance, Outkast's Stankonia is available as an album for $9.99 despite having 20+ songs. On the other hand, the Nina Simone compilation has a similar amount of songs but does not allow you to buy it as an album. A couple of the Beck albums are considered partial albums but are only missing the final song. This makes me wonder, how is Apple deciding what should be sold as an album? I'm sure there is some logical explanation, but the whole thing seems very haphazard.

I also would like to admit that I was a little rough on Apple in my last post. Apple really has got their shit together. As I was reading What Do I Know? I realized that Apple has done a great job of letting the store be. There are no pop-ups or reminders to use the service -- just the one little button. This is how it should be. And, it is very easy to use. Too easy, which is why I'm not going to buy anything right away, knowing this will lead to a never ending cycle of impulse purchases. So, yay Apple.

Finally, I found my iPod. It was at my uncles' place, as expected. Now, I am thinking about selling the iPod and getting a new 30gig one. I would love to have the dock and the extra space. So if anyone wants a used 10gig iPod with a leather case and all the included goodies, I'll sell it to you. Otherwise I may give Ebay a shot. Email me (link in the nav bar).

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