As I've mentioned, I have a hobby of watching movies, noticing actors and immediately jumping to IMDb to see what they've done. A lot of DVDs have filmographies on the DVD but in order to view it you're forced to leave the movie in order to view it. I have come up with a solution.

I envision a button on your dvd remote that will cause this data to pop onto the screen. At this point you can expand any of the actor's data and see their filmography on the screen. The "More..." link would open up your web browser, either directly (if you're on your computer) or via Wi-Fi (if you're not).

There are obviously technical restrictions that keep this from happening, but it shouldn't stop me from dreaming. Aside from the link, this is all possible right now even if it's return is not worth the effort (you could create another video layer and lay it over the current one, I think). Once we have hard drive players this will become very feasible, especially if all of these companies successfully bring the computer into the livingroom.

Update (3/9/14): Google Play starting doing this a year ago! The future is awesome.