I'm in New York and a movie is being filmed down the street! Okay, please don't leave. This is actually interesting, I think.

Currently I am living on Staten Island (the forgotten borough) with my uncles. Unlike the big city, we rarely see movie crews milling about, throwing lights and cranes around with reckless abandon. Over the last couple weeks there have been tons of media trucks and tents and winnebagoes flocking around the St. George Theatre. I was curious, but the trucks didn't have visible permits in the windows and there was no one around to ask. So I gave up.

Today, my uncle and I went to eat at the Cargo Cafe, only to find a film crew there. It was closed until Friday. We got up the nerve to ask about the movie and found out it is called School of Rock.

We were skeptical at first, because earlier I had heard Ben Affleck was in it, but I was happily surprised when I found out it is with Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Joan Cusack and Mike White (from Chuck and Buck, who also wrote the movie). The plot sounds pretty worthless, but I <3 <3 Sarah Silverman. She is my new Janeane Garofalo.

So it seems they are only in town for another couple days, but this is fairly exciting for me. I really like that entire cast and it is in two places on Staten Island that I really like AND it is coming out this summer. When it does, I'll be sure to post again and tell you the same things I just told you.