There are times when I find metafliter a little boring. There are a lot of nice links, but a lot of filler too. Occassionally, it serves a wonderful purpose.

In this thread, a person explains how a coworker recently committed suicide. There were no signs and the person was definitely shocked in many ways. This post didn't really offer much to the group, but it was itself a call for help. Someone was having trouble coping and he/she called out to the group for help. The group happily responed with personal stories and facts about suicide.

This is when a community site earns its title. Someone needed a support group, a community to help him/her get through some tough emotions. And since people are often "embarrassed" to get help, a more anonymous arena can make life easier.

The internet and Metafilter earn a way to go from me today. Thanks Matt Haughey.