I've made it. I'm happy. I've moved in, but I'm not all set up. Once I am, I'll take some photos so you can see my little tree house. (I'm on the third floor with a room covered in windows.) For now, I will give you the log I kept while traveling. Enjoy.

Day 1

3:04pm EST Somewhere, IN

I made my first stop to get gas, pee and eat. or GEP. I was going to
stop earlier but I figured I'd take a chance so I could have Arby's. Arby's just feels like roadtrip food. I have a long way to go still, so I should probably get moving. These will get more amusing when I get a little crazier.

Tolls: $3.00
Tapes of Journey: 0 (this will change VERY soon)
Number of people I've worked with who I've seen driving: 1

4:26pm EST Kunkle, Ohio

Had to pee again. I feel much better now. People you encounter on the road are very...interesting. For instance, I held the door for a woman and her daughter and the mom said, "THANK you, he he he." Huh? Oh road trips.

Tolls: $7.15
Tapes of Journey: 0

6:22pm EST Elyria, OH

More peeing, but this time I also had to charge my phone. It started the day at 4 bars and it's completely dead now. It must be in analog mode. Ah well. Back to driving, more updates in a little under an hour (dinner time).

Tolls: $7.15 (but a whopper's coming)
Number of three-wheeled motorcycles driven by patriotic men in front of me: 1

7:18pm Freedom, OH

Ohio is an asshole. There are SO many cops around it is ridiculous. I wish I were hungry because I'm getting gas now. I'm not good at coordinating activities. Onward.

Number of trees: a lot
Number of hills: more than before

8:47pm Emlenton, PA

I waited a lot longer to get food than I had planned. As a result, my eyes and brain got very tired. I just refused to eat McDonalds or Burger King, so I waited until a Subway came along. It hit the spot. The girls there suggested I try to stop in Clarion or DuBois. I'm thinking DuBois. The best part was when I asked which "city" to go to and they said "There aren't any 'cities' nearby." A very astute point.

Tolls: $15.45
Turnpikes: Generally annoying, but the travel plazas are kind of fun, in a sociological way.

10:00pm DuBois, PA

After some trouble finding a place to stay, I ended up in a Holiday Inn. It is nice and I get a free breakfast. The problem was that it's Labor Day Weekend and there are a lot of weddings/parties/etc. I thought about getting a movie, but I'm too tired. I will talk about the road signs I found interesting though.

The funniest one I saw said "Buckle Up Next Million Miles." I love when state governments can have a sense of humor. The dumbest sign said "Emergency Stopping Next 1/2 Mile." I have trouble planning my emergencies. The most interesting sign was a flashing sign alternating the phrases "God Bless America" and "I'm Proud To Be An American." It gave the sign a personality and reminded me of a lot of the people who say that. They don't think, they just say it because they're programed to. But I digress.

The move is coming to a close and that's good. Driving is nice, but I'm ready for the city.

Hours of driving left: About 5.
My plan for breakfast: pancakes, eggs, OJ and toast.

Day 2

9:30am DuBois, PA

I just finished a nice "free" breakfast buffet and I'm pretty stuffed. Not exactly what I had envisioned, but it was good enough. Today is going to be mostly driving. I just want to get there.

3:00pm Staten Island, NY

I stopped twice today, but they were very brief. Once for gas, and once to pee. I didn't do much else. The music was good today. A really good collection. I'm going to figure out how to format my playlist into text so I can put it up on the site for ya'll to see. I have decided the Pennsylvania was my favorite state to drive through. Good roads, curteous drivers and nice scenery. New Jersey started out well, but it was impossible to get food without driving 2-3 miles off the highway. No way bro. Also, traffic around Newark was asstastic, but was to be expected.

All in all, the trip was relatively painless. Having my laptop with 4 days worth of music on it definitely helped. That is all.

Tolls: $22.45