Redesign Underway. Things are looking good so far and I'm trying to use CSS for layout. So if you love my page and you haven't upgraded to IE6/Opera/NS6/any other standards compliant browser, you should do it now.

On that note, here's a little call for help. I'm trying to do a 3 column layout that is centered on the page and 750px wide, with columns of 400, 150, 150 (in that order). Does anyone know how to do this or what site might get me going? I'm going to send out an APB on the Movable Type boards as well. And thanks, if you're smarter than me.

Features of new site: more photos in a more prominent section, minireviews of albums and movies, a calendar feature of upcoming events (a nod to lifeuncommon for that one) and the usual blog. I'm 'cited.